You need your hips to hop!

I’ve been getting lovely feedback from clients recently – one client described the treatment for his lower back pain as ‘ridiculously good’. I had included new techniques, learnt last month when I spent two amazing days with Jing Advanced Massage Training focusing on the hip & pelvis.

Imbalances in this area can cause issues throughout the body including sciatica, back, shoulder & knee pain so it is important to include in treatment.

During the training, we explored techniques to target specific areas and also covered some general relaxation techniques based on Japanese Anma which apply pressure with the rhythm of the client’s breath.

Do you have hip or pelvic pain? Or lower back? sciatic pain? sore knees? Then get in touch and expect to be offered & experience some of these at your next appointment.

Feedback is a really important part of the treatment process to help us get the best result together – if there are things you like, or don’t like, or want to know more, let me know, it’s your massage!