Why I trained in Pilates

I’ve been going to Pilates classes for a couple of years and I notice definite benefits. My balance is better, I feel more aware of how I move enabling me to get more out of other activities and generally I have fewer aches & pains. Also, I find the focus on mind, body & breath beneficial mentally, giving me a bit of calm in a busy week.

They are subtle, gradual changes but they make a difference to how I feel every day, so for me it feels like a big change.

During this time, I was seeing commonalities in the ‘core principles’ of massage therapy and Pilates. For example, clients who were more relaxed and connected with their bodies during treatment had a greater improvement in their pain or mobility levels. Also, combined with my anatomy knowledge, Pilates-type movements were useful as homework to help clients feel more comfortable in-between appointments.

After a year of recommending my massage clients, friends and family to try a Pilates class and see what it could do for them, I decided to do the teacher-training myself. I have trained in ‘Realistic Pilates’ which is designed for real people with real bodies and based on the principles of Joseph Pilates. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities, including those recovering from injury or in pain as well as those who feel fit & well.

I am pleased to be able to offer this alongside massage to help you feel and function better.