What is Pilates?

Ever wondered what Pilates actually is?
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What is Pilates?
It is a method of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Joseph worked with athletes and dancers so many of his exercises are complex and challenging. In Contemporary Pilates we use deconstructed versions of his exercises – they have the same goals and benefits but are more suitable and accessible for ‘normal people’.
Contemporary Pilates combines the principles and exercises of Joseph Pilates with our more modern knowledge resulting in a low-impact, safe and effective approach.

Why Pilates?
By focusing on alignment, breathing and moving from your core, simple exercises can be made more effective and bring lots of benefits. Benefits including strengthening your core, increasing flexibility, reducing aches & pains, especially in your back, and, importantly, feeling good!

Who is it suitable for?
Pilates classes are suitable for all ages and abilities; for people who are fit and well and those recovering from injury or in pain. Every teacher has their own approach so you just have to find a class that works for you. My classes have a focus on leaving your body feeling more comfortable and working well and you can work at your own pace to find the challenges you need. Classes are small and friendly with clean equipment and appropriate spacing to allow social distancing.
For rehabilitation after injury or for an individual program, one-to-one sessions are recommended, at least to get you started.

My story & training
As a regular gym-goer, I started Pilates just because the class fitted with my family/work timetable. Soon I started to notice benefits than none of my other activities gave me. I felt stronger, my balance was better, I had fewer aches and pains and I seemed to be moving and breathing better. I also found the focus on mind, body & breath helped give me a bit of calm in a busy week. The benefits added up and I was hooked.
After years of telling everyone they should try Pilates, I decided to do the teacher-training myself. In 2018 I trained in ‘Realistic Pilates’, a contemporary form of Pilates designed for real people with real bodies. Over 2020/1, I completed another diploma from MK Pilates also gaining membership of SPM (Society for the Pilates Method). Most importantly, I gain knowledge through working with clients.

If you’re thinking about Pilates, why not get in touch & find out what it will do for you!