The best of East meets West

I’m excited to offer you a new treatment combining my favourite East & West massage techniques designed to leave you both blissfully relaxed and invigorated.

Thai Foot Massage
Swedish/Sports Back, Neck, Shoulder massage
75min appointment (including a bit of chill time)

Why Thai Foot Massage?

It is a great treat for your feet, whether you run, walk or love shoes. According to Thai Medicine, the whole body is mapped out on the sole of the foot and massaging this can promote healing on a deep level. The treatment involves a mix of hands-on massage with organic coconut oil and stimulation of reflex points on the sole of the foot with a traditional rosewood stick.

Why a Swedish/Sports back, neck and shoulder massage?

Modern life often leaves us with tension in our neck and shoulders or an achy lower back, so gentle, deep massage focusing on these areas can ease away tension to help you feel great and function better. The treatment uses organic coconut oil and involves a mix of Swedish massage, hands-free techniques and gentle stretches.

And a bit of breathing space …

Your appointment will finish with a few minutes relaxation and a warm or cold drink (depending on the weather) so you can gather your thoughts as you return back into your day.