For general well-being & relaxation

Swedish massage uses long, smooth strokes, along with kneading techniques and circular movements to work over the muscles and connective tissues.

The pressure and techniques used are tailored to your individual requirements. It can be a gentle, relaxing treatment or deeper and more therapeutic - this is up to you.

A regular Swedish Massage feels great and can have many benefits, including boosting your immune system, reducing stress levels and promoting recovery.

I would recommend 'a massage a month' to anybody who wants to give their general well-being a boost and function a little better in their daily lives.

Full Body Massage (60mins)

This massage works over legs, back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet to release tension and leave your whole body feeling blissfully balanced.

Focus-Area Massage (60mins)

If you feel you have particular areas that need attention, just let me know when you book and we’ll discuss in more detail during the consultation to agree your individual treatment.

Everybody is different, but some examples are:

  • back, neck & shoulders for desk-workers
  • lower back, legs & glutes for cyclists & runners
  • neck, shoulders & arms following clavicle break
  • arms & hands for arthritis & carpel tunnel syndrome