Which massage wax will you choose?

I am excited to be able to offer you a fantastic choice of massage waxes for your treatment.

Each lovely pot of Moog Wax has a base made of beeswax, olive oil and apricot kernel oil to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished, and an individual blend of essential oils.

The range includes relaxing, balancing, chai, muscle recovery, invigorating & a special reflexology wax to put a spring in your step.
Which one are you going to try at your next appointment?

PS For those who love the Songbird wax, I still use it, just ask and definitely let me know beforehand if you’d like the extra-virgin, organic coconut oil because I keep that in the fridge, brrr!

Hands-Free Training

In any profession, it’s important to keep learning and developing skills.  Massage is no different – with training, therapists learn and improve skills and the clients reap the benefits. Win, win!

I had an amazing 1-to-1 day at KnotStressed practising hands-free massage techniques under the excellent guidance of Onie Tibbet. Learning to sensitively use hands and alternative tools (like forearm and elbow) allows more subtle variations in pressure and improved flow so the client receives a more effective & relaxing treatment. There were some great techniques borrowed from other disciplines, such as Slavic massage, and the posture and movements influenced by Tai Chi make the massage more ergonomic for me, so I’m less likely to injure myself. Bonus!

I’m starting to incorporate these new techniques into massages and have had some good feedback from clients so far.

I hope you feel the benefits too!

Making New Years Resolutions?


For anyone who wants to give their general well-being a boost and to function a little better in their everyday life, I would recommend ‘a massage a month’.

Why not try it it 2017 and see what it does for you?

Feeling Festive


The Therapy Room is feeling a little bit festive with fairy lights, glittery candles & a glowing fire.

This gorgeous Chai MoogWax with cinnamon, neroli and orange has a hint of Christmas about it – It makes you feel festive & relaxed, a perfect combo!

Website Launch


Like our bushy-tailed Autumn familiar, I have been busy squirreling away and am excited to launch my new website. Hope you like it. Feel free to use the webform to give any feedback or to book in your next appointment.

Bookings can, of course, still be made via email, text, calls and FB.