Hands-Free Training

In any profession, it’s important to keep learning and developing skills.  Massage is no different – with training, therapists learn and improve skills and the clients reap the benefits. Win, win!

I had an amazing 1-to-1 day at KnotStressed practising hands-free massage techniques under the excellent guidance of Onie Tibbet. Learning to sensitively use hands and alternative tools (like forearm and elbow) allows more subtle variations in pressure and improved flow so the client receives a more effective & relaxing treatment. There were some great techniques borrowed from other disciplines, such as Slavic massage, and the posture and movements influenced by Tai Chi make the massage more ergonomic for me, so I’m less likely to injure myself. Bonus!

I’m starting to incorporate these new techniques into massages and have had some good feedback from clients so far.

I hope you feel the benefits too!