For workplace and events

This Acupressure Massage is done fully-clothed, with no oils, in an ergonomically designed chair.

It is ideal for workplaces, events or as a good introduction to massage. A 15-20 minute treatment is a convenient way to help give you a well-being boost.

The treatment uses techniques from shiatsu and acupressure to target muscle tension in the upper body. Around 100 points on the shoulders, arms, hands, back, neck and head are pressed and stimulated to leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

The 'kata' or sequence was designed to target the areas that suffer when we spend long periods at desks, on phones/tablets and driving. The posture these encourage, combined with the stresses of modern life, can leave us with tension in our necks & shoulders, achy lower backs and can impact on general health.

Individual appointments can be booked in the Therapy Room or, for 3 or more people, I can come to you. If you're organising an event, a well-being day at work or just feel your workplace would benefit from some stress reduction, please do get in touch. I can provide more information and different timing and pricing options (employer, employee or shared).

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