January ’21 update: Temporarily closed again …

With the extension of restrictions in Scotland, I won’t be able to offer any massage until at least February.
If you have an appointment, I’ll be in touch individually to reschedule.
Pilates classes & 1:1s can continue online if that works for you.
In the meantime, do look after yourselves and each other. Remember your self-care, whether it’s a hot bath, movement, relaxation or cake …
It’s a bit annoying, but we coped before and we can do it again.
Stay in touch, Helen ūüôā

Covid-19 update

*Covid-19 update*

I am pleased to say from today I can offer in-person massage appointments. These are now available at Silver Tree Studio. This is a beautiful, new treatment room off Peebles High Street which is easy to clean and ventilate for your safety.

I am unable to offer home or workplace visits at the moment. However, I plan to be offering 2 Sundays in Lavender in August, which will be available to book via the Lavender website soon. If you’d like to book in, please get in touch. It’d be lovely to hear from you, I have missed my Sundays seeing Edinburgh people.

As I phase back in treatments and locations, I appreciate your patience with changes that I’ve had to bring in. The biggest change you’ll see is around reducing our face to face contact by doing consultations by video call and wearing masks; with these and other smaller changes, I’ll guide you through so you have a safe and relaxing treatment.

During lockdown, I diversified my business to offer more online services – including Pilates and an online alternative to a massage treatment, more info on these can be found on my booking page or ask me.

I aim to help you feel and function better with a safe, effective and enjoyable experience, using massage, Pilates and self-care tailored in a way that works for you as an individual. Whether your goal is to support sports & exercise, for management of injuries or chronic conditions or you simply like massage and Pilates, you’re in the right place!

I look forward to hearing from you,

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We have moved …

We moved to Peebles in May 2019.

This was a great decision for my family but, I appreciate, not so convenient for Edinburgh clients.

I am continuing to offer some appointments in Edinburgh on Sundays so hope to see lots of you there.

There are many clients I no longer see since the move and *sniff* I do miss you. The working relationship that builds up over a number of appointments gives, I feel, a better experience and result for the client and makes for rewarding, enjoyable work as a therapist.  However, life often changes so I am embracing the new and enjoying meeting new clients in Peebles.

Do get in touch if you have any questions about how massage might be able to help you.


New Year, New Location


I am excited to be offering massage therapy appointments at a new location on Monday evenings from 29th January.

From 6pm – 9pm, I¬†will be in the beautiful Lavender at 100g Saughton Road North. The Therapy Room offers a calm, cosy space perfect for relaxing massage and there’s a reception area with a sofa and water cooler¬†for a little pre/post treatment time.

To book a Monday evening appointment click here to book online

To book for my Home Therapy Room for Monday daytime and Tuesday-Friday click here to send a message or contact 07870698145