The view from my ‘desk’

This was the view from the massage tent at Tweedlove on the Green – the sunshine between the showers, well, at least it washed some of the mud off the bikes!

It was great to work alongside other inspiring therapists and to work with people pushing themselves to their physical & mental limits. Respect is due.

Practice day for the 5-hour mountain bike Enduro was the busiest – It seems more people are realising the benefits of massage to help their muscles recover and prep for an event, and that it’s a good idea to sort out ‘niggles’ before they turn into real issues which will affect performance. We also had visits from the stall holders (who were suffering from long drives, hefting equipment and days standing in a tent) and from visitors to the Bike Festival for consults on various injuries – everything from trampolining to cleaning.

It’s been a privilege & an amazing experience working at Tweedlove events over the last 3 weekends. The massage team are already planning next year, although I expect the organisers who live & breathe these events to make them happen could probably do with a week’s sleep!